Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little catching up

Monday I had a conversation with Sabian that went like this:

M: I'm not sure what's going on with my phone.

S: What's going on?

M: Whenever I turn it on it immediately powers down. I even took the battery off and put it back on and it still does it.

S: Is the battery charged?

M: Silence.

It started out as one of those weeks. But, it's okay. Since last week was so busy, we've had a bit of a more low key week, which has been nice. Yesterday and today so far have been extremely laid back, as it has been rainy, which has forced us to stay inside. It hasn't been bad, but I really see the value of being able to be out and about, even if just in the yard. Once we've exhausted stickers and crayons and toys and meals and making cookies, Curious George comes to the rescue and a nap doesn't hurt, either. It's just too bad that when I have more I need to get done, all I want to do is take a nap when Addie's sleeping. 

Last week I was bad about taking pictures, which is really sad since there was a horse in our front yard and we had our 3o Hour Famine last weekend.

The horse was courtesy of one of our girls in our youth group. She stopped by with a couple of other friends, also part of our youth group, one day last week when they were taking advantage of their senior skip day. (This caused me to reminisce and think of my senior skip day - I spent it with my friend Jessie laying out in the park.) They got the obligatory shameful look from me for skipping (all contrived, of course) and then came in to hang out for a bit.

Hayley, the horse owner, competes with her horses and since she lives about 15 minutes from Wewa and she can practice in Wewa, she often tows a horse behind her truck to church or other activities when she is in town. We headed outside to say hi to her horse, Dallas. Addie wasn't too impressed at first and wouldn't touch him until I did and there was definitely no getting her to ride him. It did strike me as funny that we had a horse in our front yard, but not at all odd, really. I guess you just come to expect interesting things in Wewa.

As for 30 Hour Famine, it went really well. Sabian did take pictures but they are in the other camera. Maybe when we get them loaded on the Mac I'll post them on here. We had about 20 kids participate and it seems they all had a good time. They were troopers, working hard and trying not to concentrate on food. The meal at the end of 3o Hour Famine is always one of my favorites - after not eating for 30 hours, it is the quietest meal you'll ever have with a group of teenagers.

While out running errands over the weekend Addie and I took the car through a quick car wash. The pollen here has been pretty bad and I'd made it worse by trying to clean the car windows one morning. This was her first car wash experience.

In other news, Sabian and I had a quick date earlier this week. Since we'd been running around so much lately I thought it would be good for us to have just a bit of time to sit. We went to Port St. Joe, a small town I have mentioned before. It is small, but bigger than Wewa and is on the water. While we were there we discovered they'd built a pirate ship in place of a little playground area we'd seen there before. I guess it had been a while since we'd seen that area, so we decided to check it out. We were only gone a couple of hours or so but we were able to have dinner and take a walk before heading home to our girl, who seemed to miss us so much that she just didn't want to go to sleep that night.

And, last but not least, in our attempt to come up with things to do while were cooped up yesterday, we built a tent. Addie, however, was more interested in her part as the tent destroyer...and finding an opportunity to take off her pants.

I did it! I got in a post. I am thankful for this cooler weather we are having. I think it calls for soup for dinner tonight.

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