Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday musings & the weekend wrap up

This is one of my favorite sights, especially on Mondays:

Dinner already in the crock pot and the house smelling good all day. It is an even more welcome, cozy feeling since it is a little cooler 'round these parts this week.

This helps, too:

Added to my coffee, it helps to keep me going on my self-proclaimed chore day Mondays. This morning we had a nice break with Lee Ann, Ivory and Micah, taking a walk, visiting a horse and playing a few games of chase. Now, while Addie snoozes and I am hopped up on caffeine (yet mostly done with what I wanted to do!), it is a good time to write about the weekend.

Amazingly, it went as planned. You know how you get a plan in your head about how you want things to go and then, inevitably, for good or for bad, things change? This weekend went as I had hoped.

Friday was windy, but the weather was fairly warm, so my plans for getting out in the yard prevailed. We trimmed, weeded, blew out the flower beds, wreaked havoc on ant beds and just generally cleaned up around the house outside. It was good to get it all done, in the hopes that soon we can start planting a few flowers (in pots) and hanging some plants. Plus, once the big job of the after winter clean up is done, I feel like we can keep a handle on the maintenance of pulling weeds, etc. Weeds are the bane of my existence, so whatever I can do to keep them at bay, I'll do it.

Most of Friday afternoon we were able to wrap up what we'd done in the morning and get a little rest. Friday night Addie had a date with her friend Carson and we were off to hang out with some other couples from church, including Carson's parents. Unfortunately I have no pictures of Addie and Carson together at his Gigi and Grandaddy's, but I know they had a great time together. We also had a good time playing games and hanging out.

Saturday the plan was to get to the bank and run a few other errands. Lo and behold, we got it all done and squeezed in some time at the park. Again, it was super windy and, with the park being on the water, it was pretty gusty at times. Addie has become such a big girl when we're at parks now, but we had to keep close tabs on her because it was pretty crowded and would have been easy to lose track of her. Her big achievement of the day was swinging in the big kid swing. I usually just put her in the little kid swings because they seem more comfortable but Saturday she did great swinging in the big swing. Sigh. Just another check off the list to graduation...I feel like it is going to go that fast!

We had one more stop to make before we headed home and Addie slept the whole time we were in the store. Of course, she woke up as soon as we got in the car for the trip back to Wewa.

Sunday was Sunday, good services both in the morning and evening and we rounded it out with a youth leadership meeting after the evening service, which went well. This has only been our second regular meeting with the leaders but it has been a good thing, getting together and discussing the positive and brainstorming on how to fix the other stuff.

Today I am thankful for a fun mid-morning walk and for friends who are willing to watch Addie, allowing Sabian and I to spend some time together.

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