Monday, March 21, 2011

Mish mosh Monday

It's back to the grind today here in Wewa. 

Last week was spring break so today everyone, much to their chagrin, I'm sure, is back to school or work or both. I miss having a spring break. Of course I don't want to take for granted the freedom and flexibility we have, which I am sure I will be 100% more grateful for when our kids are in school and we no longer have it, but I do miss that anticipation of a break. I don't miss the anticipation of going back to work or school, so I will enjoy that even though last week may have been like any other week for us, we can enjoy the freedom we do have for now.

I digress.

This is a picture of my productivity today:

That, my friends, is  a clean oven. Well, relatively so, anyway. As I was humming along through my normal Monday "duties" I realized, upon opening the oven door, that there was a smattering of powdered sugar throughout the oven, evidence of the cookies I made yesterday. While it would have been easy to just clean up the powdered sugar, it only revealed how dirty the rest of the oven really was. So, I bravely broke out the Easy Off, sprayed it on, and waited the two hours before I was able to wipe the grime away.

I waited more than two hours. I was sidetracked by a trip outside to play with Addie, an impromptu lunch out with Sabian and two of our college students home for their spring break and then a jaunt to the park with everyone in tow when it seemed evident Addie was no longer going to sit quietly in the restaurant. All of this did wonders to wear her out and made it easy for me when it came time to "wipe the grime away." I have also been able to get other things done for which I am very glad since Sabian won't be home until the late tonight and the rest of our week and upcoming weekend are, well, really busy.

Approaching this busy week prompts me to think of things more serene, like the beach. Last week, in honor of spring break, we did make it to the beach for just a little bit one day after Sabian was done working for the day. We, of course, fed the birds and Addie, of course, was covered head to toe with sand and salt water before we left.

This was also St. Patrick's Day and, not that you'd even know unless I told you, but Addie is wearing a pajama shirt because I realized she has no other green shirts. Weird, because I love green.

In other news, the kitchen table and chairs have been painted. Hallelujah! If you read my post about my disdain for painting then you will know that this is a major feat. A few weeks ago we reluctantly bought the paint for this project. I say reluctantly because as much as I didn't want to do the painting I had also failed to save the paint swatch from the last time we painted, which meant I'd be redoing the whole table and all five chairs. My fault. I'd already resigned myself to this but then, a week ago, an angel appeared in the form of my husband.

As we were outside cleaning up around the house and I was involved in another not-so-fun task, Sabian rounded the corner and asked, "How much do you love your husband?" I gave some sticky sweet answer and from behind his back he revealed a gallon of paint - THE paint I used the last time I painted the table and chairs! I jumped for joy (really I did) and realized how quickly the job would go being able to use the same paint. The purpose of the new paint job was not only to cover the chipped areas, but also to go over the table and chairs with a clear coat meant to help fend off more chips. I'm not so naive to think that the top coat will keep all of the nicks away, but I've noticed it has made a big difference with our bar stools. And, the top coat doesn't have to be perfectly brushed on when you use it.

You may ask, "Why Melissa, if you dislike painting so much, then why do it?" The answer is simple - I do want things to look nice. In some cases, chipped paint can add charm to some things, but in others, as in the case of our table and chairs, it just looked sloppy. Sabian had offered his help but when I was finally able to tackle the task this weekend he was busily working to get Addie's pool together after it had been sitting all winter. I was able to get it all done pretty quickly and while I still have to add the clear coat to the table, that won't be a big deal and is something I can do pretty fast.

Phew, it's almost done. I'm sure something else will surface that begs to be prettied with a new coat of paint but for now, I'm just going to be happy that this round is completed.

I am SOOOOO thankful that Sabian found that paint! I'd forgotten why we bought a whole gallon when I first painted it but I am sure glad we did.

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Shari said...

yay for clean ovens and found paint.