Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adelaide's birthday bonanza

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a bonanza but it was a lot of fun.

This year we opted out of a party and decided instead to take Addie out for her day. I'd been tossing around a few ideas for a couple of months and was excited when one of my ideas that looked like it wasn't going to work did, in fact, work out well.

Our day included a visit to Pier Park, an outdoor shopping/amusement area in Panama City Beach. When I was looking for a butterfly house in the area I'd discovered that they built a butterfly pavilion at Pier Park late last year. This was good news, as Addie loves butterflies and the nearest butterfly house was two hours away.

Also at Pier Park are a few amusement rides that used to be part of Miracle Strip, a now defunct amusement park in PCB. I remember going to Miracle Strip way back when our family vacationed in PCB. It's always fun to go to Pier Park and see the rides and reminisce. 

The plan was to tackle the butterfly pavilion, a couple of rides and some other things, lunch and then later on possibly hit the beach. After doing all we set out to do, except for the beach, Addie passed out as soon as we finally made it to the car so we stopped for cupcakes and made our way home. This wasn't so bad considering spring break is in full swing in PCB.

Along with butterflies, rides, some clothes shopping for the birthday girl, lunch (with a visit from a life-sized robin and a balloon), cupcakes, Sabian making Addie's favorite meal for dinner and awesome weather all day, it was a really good day.

It was tough narrowing down the photos for this post but I didn't want it to be a mile long. Those are just a few highlights from our day. We missed being with family for Addie's birthday but I think she enjoyed her celebration.

I am thankful for a good day with my girl.


Shari said...

She's just too grown up.

Diane said...

Hi ya'll
we all know how precious little Addie is and these pics are so cute.
Happy Birthday Addie!!

Taylormarie said...

Seems like a GREAT day :)
the decorations in the house lok great, what is that made of?

Melissa said...

Thanks, Taylor! They are tissue paper :)