Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Play

Over the weekend Addie's friend, Ivory, came over to play. Ivory is a few months older than Addie and is way more mobile, but she is a great example to Addie and Addie really enjoys watching her and apparently following her wherever she goes. Soon she will be able to really run after her once she's ready to let go of the furniture and take off!

Here are a few photos from their day:

Conspiring to do something...

Addie: As soon as I can walk, we're on it.

Ivory: For now, we'll just hide the plans in the crack of this chair. No one will find them!

Addie: Hey, there's something on your face. Let me get that for you.

Ivory: Thanks. If there's ever anything hanging out of your nose, I'll be sure to tell you, 'cause that's what friends do.

Ivory: Yeah, check out my bellybutton. Jealous?

This week Ivory and Addie have had a few chances to play and it is cool to watch them interact or even just play individually in the same room and then see when they notice one another. Of course, it is usually when they want whatever the other is playing with, but they seem to do well together. It is sweet when Ivory says Addie's name and is able to give her a kiss goodbye.

I am thankful for Ivory and her parents, Jason and Lee Ann. They have been good friends to us here and it is good to get our girls together.

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Lee Ann said...

Sooo...this post had me laughing & smiling. Thanks, girl! We appreciate ya'll so much. Give that sweet girl of yours a kiss! Oh, and I hope you made it to Target today! ;-)