Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chaney Christmas 2009 Wrap Up

Well, we didn't have to just dream of a white Christmas, we actually had a white Christmas! It actually snowed most of the time while we were visiting family in the Midwest. The accumulation was minimal, but there were almost always flakes falling, which made it feel a little like a Winter wonderland. Most of all it is cool to be able to say that Addie's first Christmas was adorned with snow.

We made it driving through the night to get to my mom's but it was rough. After a few late nights and busy days, Sabian and I were both tired, so our marathon stretches of driving were more like sprints - we switched on and off a lot more than we normally do, but we got there safely and Addie slept most of the trip.

It is always good to be with our families yet the time goes by so quickly. Going home, I always feel like I will have plenty of time to do many things and see many people and the opposite occurs. The time goes by too fast and I don't get to do all I wanted to do or see everyone I wanted to see. Nevertheless, we had a really good trip and were successful in wearing Addie out every day. She took it like a champ!

I've posted photos on Facebook and for the sake of saving space you can see them here. Addie really enjoyed being with all of her cousins and it was fun to see her interact with them and to watch as she engaged in all of the Christmas fun. I would say her first Christmas was a success.

We made it back to Florida, driving through the night once again, and are settling back in to life here. I'm not sure what 2010 will bring, but if the past couple of years prove anything, the year ahead is sure to be filled with plenty of new experiences.

Today I am thankful for our families and the good time we had with them. They are far away, but I appreciate them very much.

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