Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter in Wewa

We brought it back...the cold from the Midwest.

The thermometer above may not read an incredibly cold temperature, but this was smack in the middle of this afternoon.

I'll admit that it is cold here. In fact, weather.com is telling me it is currently 28 degrees. We've experienced 30s and 40s and, as of right now, degrees in the 20s at night. We've had the heat in the house running the past couple of days, which may be a first since we've moved here. Usually we'll turn it on to take the chill off the house, or maybe turn it on just at night, but lately it has been all day and all night. The newscasters are proclaiming temperature records broken, reminding viewers to protect their pets and plants, and forecasting about 14 days of cold temps.

Our plants are suffering, our front yard is barren.

Sure, it is bone chilling in Illinois and Missouri, where we just left, but we expect that there. Here, this stuff is big news.

Today I am thankful for heat and even for the cooler temps. I know soon it will be over and not far from now we'll be experiencing crazy temps on the other end of the spectrum.

Chaney Christmas 2009 wrap up is to come!

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