Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Surprise

Sunday morning started as any other Sunday morning. I got up, got ready, and got some things done while I was waiting for Addie to wake up so we could get her breakfast, dressed, and out the door.

We made it to church and through the service, which I ducked out of right at the last minute so I could change her diaper. Diaper changed, we made it back in as everyone was leaving to go home to lunch and naps.

As I was holding Addie I felt something hard on her stomach. When I dressed her that morning I put a onesie on under her dress, as well as tights, so that she would be a little warmer since it has been colder than normal here. I was totally puzzled by what I felt and lifted her dress to see what it was.

Behold, the "I" from Addie's alphabet puzzle.

(Excuse my elementary PhotoShop skills. I'm workin' on it.)

Seems Addie had an idea to smuggle some stuff to church. She gave us a good laugh and a now, a fun memory.

I am thankful that this piece of the puzzle was found in her onesie and not in her tummy! I am also thankful for my silly girl.


Jamie said...

hahahah that is too funny...maybe she was trying to tell you something...

Lee Ann said...

this cracks me up...she must have been thinking of Ivory, hence the "I" ;-)

Melissa said...

It was the "I" for ice cream! That's my girl!

Leah Beth said...

Another thing that she and Carson have in common. How sweet!?!? They love to play hide and seek with random objects from home. Love it!