Monday, January 25, 2010

The Word of the Day is..."NO!"

Last week was a combination of things - a slow "news" week and days spent (and continuing so) making sure Addie didn't pull a nice snack out of the various trash cans around the house (hence the title of this post), patroling the living room and other areas of the house as she perfected her pulling up to stand, and protecting Addie's chin, forehead, nose, and whatever else got in the way as she came crashing down from said standing. Luckily for us her project for this week is fine tuning the ease-down-from-standing move. It's only Monday and she's already getting pretty good at it.

Needless to say, we're jumping all kinds of developmental hurdles these days. This still includes the ever present teething, which continues to wreak havoc on the sleeping in our house. "Wreak havoc" might be too harsh, but we are experiencing some unique sleep schedules and I continue to totter between freaking out that we're starting some new, terrible trend in sleep habits and remembering that teeth, not to mention many other factors, can throw a baby off for a bit, even the best of sleepers.

Did I mention that so far just one of her top front teeth has broken through her gums? My snaggle tooth girl.

In the midst of this, we've managed to get out and get some things done, as well as stay in and get other things done. Due to some major winds howling through the Panhandle, and some rain that threatened the return of Lake Chaney, we weren't able to get out and do some swingin' for a couple of days, but when we did, we sure had a good time.

I realize I have posted a lot of swing photos lately, but I think they are so funny and the sequence above was just too cute not to share.

Lately Addie has been getting acquainted with the characters on Sesame Street and lights up anytime she sees a baby on the screen. She also digs Elmo and Abby, but it really is the cutest when she sees a baby.

I suppose it makes the most sense to start heading for bed, given that who knows what tonight will bring.

I am thankful for teething tablets, Tylenol, and despite the lost sleep, the extra snuggles.

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