Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a Little More Christmas

Last year I wanted to post photos of the Christmas decorations around town because I thought Wewa did a good job of dressing the streets for the holiday. However, I was too late. I blame it on being pregnant. Or being a born procrastinator. It's more likely the latter.

This year I was determined to document the decorations and bring them to you. Well, I was a little too late. I wasn't totally too late and even though I missed being able to take pictures of all of the decorations, I at least got a photo of my favorite.

Like just about every other town around Wewa decorates the lamp posts with lights that outline various Christmas themes. In addition to those lights, part of what I wanted to share were the windows of some of the businesses in town. For just about each major holiday, it seems, someone comes around and paints the windows with holiday scenes and greetings. These decorated windows really lend a lot to making it feel like Christmas and whoever does them does a great job. I was disappointed to see the wiped clean windows the other day and realized I waited too long to get my photos.

I may have mentioned before something about the parks around here and how there are a few to visit, which is nice. Lake Alice park sits on a lake (go figure) and is the park my friend Libby and I would frequently walk when I was pregnant. I didn't get a picture of the park decorated with all of the lights, but I did capture this:

When I first saw this tree last year, floating around on the lake, it was such a neat surprise! I know it's nothing major but I thought it was a little special.

I also wanted to post one of Addie's Christmas gifts from my friend, Lee Ann, who has more sewing talent in her little finger than I would ever have even if I tried to sew all day and all night.

She made this sweet dress for Addie, who wore it proudly!

I am thankful today for getting back to a seemingly "normal" Addie schedule. Travel and teething have thrown us for a loop but we had a good night last night and we were back to two naps today. We shall see what tomorrow brings! For now I am thankful for today!

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