Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

**Disclaimer: the weak of stomach may not want to proceed with the reading of this post. Read at your own risk!**

It has been a while since I have posted about the animals in Wewa. You might even remember that early on in this blog the animals here were at the forefront of my posts. Well, here's another.

Last week I was sitting at the kitchen table chatting with a friend online and I looked out my window to see this:

Our next door neighbor's dog, Ryder, was making an afternoon snack out of our trash. Mind you, our trash had been sitting by the curb for a week because either, 1. We didn't get it out soon enough or 2. The truck didn't come by to get it. This has happened to us before, but we've also, at times, gotten it out too late. So, it was pretty ripe stuff and Ryder was having a good ol' time. He didn't even budge when I walked out there to clean up the mess. Oh, and don't confuse Ryder with Roxy. Roxy was the dog that used to live across the street and dropped the interesting items in our yard each day. She's been long gone.

A couple of days went by and I got up one morning to rescue Addie from her crib and as I was changing her diaper, I looked out the window of her room and saw another scene. I wanted to be sure I was really seeing what I was seeing, so I called Sabian into the room.

"Uh, Sabian, is that what I think it is?"

"Yep, that's a deer."

It seems this time Ryder was having breakfast - a gruesome one at that, and RIGHT NEXT to our mailbox. I was pretty grossed out and the questions running through my mind were many.

Where did he get that?

How does this happen?

Who does that belong to?

Am I going to throw up?

Not long after I saw what was taking place across the street, when I peeked out again the deer was gone. One of the benefits of living in a town where the vast majority of residents hunt is that they know what to do when this sort of thing occurs. But really, does this sort of thing have to occur?!

I still shiver when I think about it, but it was too Wewa not to share.

Today I am thankful that someone knew what to do with Ryder's leftovers. I am also thankful that in about a month I get to see my family again!

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Lee Ann said...

This post made me laugh all over again. Especially the fact that you took pictures. Hilarious.