Friday, February 26, 2010

The Tale of Two Cameras

Once upon a time two crazy kids in love got married and were blessed to receive many wonderful gifts from their loving friends and family. Among those gifts were gift cards that covered the cost (all but 10 cents!) for a camera that this couple had been eyeing before their nuptials. The couple purchased this camera and lived happily ever after. Until...

...three years later the lovely lady had the fortune of winning a gift certificate at work that enabled her to purchase a smaller, more portable camera, one conducive to slipping in her purse or diaper bag and keeping it there for capturing spontaneous moments.

Life continued on for the couple, happily snapping photos here and there with both cameras, one dubbed "her" camera and one referred to as "his" camera. Double the cameras, double the photos, double the fun. Although "his" camera, now almost four years later, is a tad outdated, the couple decided to hold off on purchasing their next dream camera until the time was right.

For now, each camera is connected to a different household computer. It is often that the lovely lady will peruse "his" photos and discover moments that she has not yet seen. And so is the tale of two cameras, and a few of those stumbled upon moments to share with you.

X marks the spot:

A little bath time fun:

Is it just me or does the doll floating in the background creep you out?!

Sportin' my Wewa Gators t-shirt!

Playing outside with dad. Soon, crawling in the grass will be hazardous. The ants will rise again and take over the yard.

How's that for holding on to my apron strings?

Did I mention that I'm thankful that we're going home next week???!!!!


elise said...

great to have those pics you weren't there for!
and yes, floating face down baby is VERY creepy!

Melissa said...

I love knowing that Sabian takes pictures when I'm not around. Sometimes I am around and just forget about them until I'm on the other computer. I'd love, love a new digital SLR but that's on the wish list...along with a new couch, a new computer, and a few other items ;)