Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Few Fun Things

Since things have been a little slow (dare I say "normal?")around here, I figured I'd post some fun things I've run across over the last few weeks. This isn't to say I do not have anything to post about Addie or Wewa or life here in general, but I'll wait until I have a couple of more interesting things under my belt. For now, fun stuff to check out.

I love Crate and Barrel and I love their spinoff, CB2. Once upon a time when I was a girl about to be wed, my sister and I went to Crate and Barrel on a Sunday morning (yes, skipped church!) for an exclusive event that allowed brides to be browse and register the store without the chaos of other customers clattering about. Ah, that was so much fun. Back to present day, I am totally digging this rug at CB2.com.I really think I need one of these, and if you are a mom who makes your own baby food, I would think it would be awesome for steaming and cooking veggies. Introducing, the foodpod. A little futuristic looking but seems to be pretty convenient. If nothing else, the ditty playing on the site should get you in the mood to blanch something. Oh, and it looks like Fusion Brands sells some other pretty cool tools, too.

If I ever own a cat I would have to figure out a way to spring for this litter box. If Sabian really wants a cat, this would be my only request.

And of course, a Threadless entry. How can you pass this up?

I guess that's it. I sure thought I had more in my arsenal of favorite things, but I've either forgotten the other items for the moment or The Sea of Monsters is calling my name too loudly.

Today I am thankful for a few more days of "cold" weather here. Before I know it the humidity will rule the land. Sigh.

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