Saturday, February 20, 2010

Onward & Upward

For the past two years Sabian has volunteered as an assistant coach for the Upward basketball league in Wewa. Upward is a Christian sports organization that promotes good sportsmanship and Christ-likeness while giving kids a chance to learn how to play on a team. The score isn't supposed to matter but as we all know kids, yes, yes the score really does matter to them. And let's be honest - I'm sure it matters to the coaches, too!

Last year I was a bad wife and did not go to the games to support my husband. Chalk it up to being pregnant and by that time exhaustion setting in? This year I have seen the error of my ways and Addie and I make it to most of the games. Admittedly, it can be hard giving Sabian up for two more nights of the week, even though it may only end up being an hour or two each night. And, the season is short, but I will be the first to tell you, I try to guard our family time as much as possible. Despite that, Upward has been good for Sabian when it comes to building relationships with some of the middle schoolers who attend our youth group and even some who don't.

Addie really enjoys being at the games and watching the kids play. At first she was mesmerized by the cheerleaders but now she tends to watch the game a little more and even join in with the clapping and occasionally a cheer. She's especially happy when some friends of ours, Daphne and her daughter Savannah, are there because Savannah is more than happy to share her brownie with Addie.

So, whether she's a future cheerleader or player, Addie's already made her way in with the team.

Today I am thankful for a beautiful day. Sabian, some of our leaders, and our youth kids are out and about during our 30 Hour Famine doing some community service. Without fail 30 Hour Famine seems to always fall on the coldest weekend of the year (even last year when we did it here!) but this year it is very nice outside.

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