Sunday, November 9, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Dogs and cats rule the streets in Wewa.

Before living here I'd see the occasional stray cat or a random meandering dog, but since living here I've come to understand that animals have a freedom in Wewa that some animals may never know. Our first couple of months here it struck me as odd when I would see a cat or two sprawled out in the middle of a road without a care in the world, reluctantly tearing themselves away from the pavement as the car inched closer. Now, it is the new normal. On walks we encounter several dogs, some just taking a stroll, others more willing to charge us and check us out. Today on my way home from church I even saw a horse sauntering down the sidewalk. Of course, he did have a rider, but it is way more fun to picture a random horse trotting down the road. In fact, I'm not ruling it out for future sightings. Oh, and don't forget the bunny.

We have a friendly pit bull who I believe lives across the street. He's a pretty color gray and will have a rest in our yard from time to time. He's never bothered us and looks awfully endearing when standing at attention on the back of our neighbor's boat as he tows it to the river. However, I have reason to believe he is a thief, albeit a thief with a conscience.

One morning last week I had to run out for about 20 minutes. I threw on a sweatshirt and some pants and figured I would grab my flip flops that were sitting on the front porch by the door. I stepped outside, looked down, and stopped short. This is what I saw:
Notice anything missing?

My first thoughts turned to my neighbor next door. Maybe Matthew was playing a trick on me? I looked over at his house, then scanned the yard. I immediately had my answer. In the middle of the yard I saw a shape, a shape that resembled my flip flop. As I slowly walked out there to view the carnage, I replayed the events of the previous night.

The jingle of a collar. The growls and rumbles of a fight. Nothing to be seen in the darkness.

Now, I don't want to point any paws - oops - fingers, at anyone, but after seeing my shoe, you be the judge:

You might wonder what the big fuss is about. It's not much of a fuss, but I'll admit I love these flip flops. They're extremely comfortable, old, guys flip flops I bought at a Nike Outlet on a shopping trip with my sister and I really do like them and I will most certainly clean them up and wear them again. One might argue that I should have been more responsible and should have brought my shoes inside. I do believe my friend across the street had a mind to leave the shoe behind, but I have learned my lesson and I will be bringing my belongings inside at night.

The moral of the story - don't mess with animals in Wewa. Even if you haven't messed with them, they may mess with you, so its best to just take care of your stuff and leave them be.

Today I am thankful for women at church who make dinner after church, eliminating the need for me to do it.


mike seyle said...

A number of things, as I've been enjoying this blog of Melissa's:
1: I appreciate anyone who blogs. It seems like one more albatross to bear...a deadline you can't escape.
2: I don't understand the letters in the blog earlier. I'm Catholic, so maybe that prevents me from understanding such things.
3: Our motion-sensor light on the wash house in back of our bedroom window comes on three or four times per night. Normally, it's because of a cat or the two raccoons who wander around. Several nights ago, it came on to illuminate a huge buck that wandered by. I had to wake up my wife with a "You've got to see this" comment. The old guy stood for a moment to show off his large rack, then moved on out. I love country living. I'm also happy that deer and raccoons and cats don't chew on flip-flops (but ask me about the snake in the front bedroom some day).

Thanks, Melissa, for blogging.

melissa said...

I don't know that America's Next Top Model has anything to do with religion, but there's the translation to the code. Thanks, Mike!

melissa said...

Oh, and do I REALLY want to know about this snake? I have to admit, the buck, that's pretty cool.

Shari said...

This story brings back the memory of Rachel and Brittani getting trouble with Tim one day. Probably for arguing or something (since it was both of them). Anyway while Tim is giving his fatherly point of view, Madisen sneaked in and got a hold of Rachel's flip flop and proceded to chew on it while we all were discussing the issues. What a riot it was. It did help ease the pain of the moment.

mike seyle said...

So, I came home one evening and Moira yelled from the back porch: "There's something in the front bedroom." I came in, peeked around the corner, and there was the last portion of a large snake slithering under the bed. So I shut the bedroom door. I had it, or it had me. I guess it depends on your perspective. I told Moira to watch the door while I got the shotgun. All loaded up, I did the cowboy thing ("thang" in Texan) and pointed the gun at the base of the door, saying to my darlin' "I'll bet he's on the other side, waitin' for me." And so I swung open the door, and he WAS on the other side, waitin' for me..all five feet of him. Great loops of snake fell between my feet. So I shot straight down and half of him lurched away for the bed again, so I shot a second time. He died and emptied vast amounts of blood into Moira's flip-flops (a common theme here, those flip-flops), which Moira made me throw away. I also had shot two holes straight through the floor. I could see the dirt under the house. I spent the next two weekends patching holes in the floor, the closets, the bathroom, and anywhere else a snake might get in. People have since told me I should have gotten the hoe. Yeah, maybe so...but they weren't there at the time. I do love country living.

melissa said...

That's nothing short of horrendous.

strwbryshrtck75 said...

I too understand the flip flops. I had a pair from the marine corps days and wouldn't you know it our ANIMAL chewed mine to pieces. SO SAD!

Anonymous said...

Mel!!! How come it has been TWELVE entire days since you have been writing on your blog, and I have just found it!?!! I have caught up, and read all of your blogs, and I love hearing about your life in Wewa!! And from now on, I will be an avid, faithful reader!! :) Love and miss you!!!!