Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Politics, Bunnies, & ANTM

I'm not going to say much about the election. Yes, we voted, yes, we got our stickers proving we voted, and yes, it felt good to vote. But, I would have been just as happy to go to bed and wake up to hear the news rather than watch the play by play. However, I did watch as the numbers changed, along with a group of people that came together for a "political party" at my house. A few cookies, Mike 'n Ike's, and Doritos later, we had a new president elect.

Earlier that day, and less significant for the rest of the world, I met a new friend. A bunny, to be exact. Rewind to last week when Sabian and I arrived home to find a black bunny roaming in our yard. It was immediately obvious that this was no wild rabbit, this was someone's pet. It was also obvious it did not want to be caught, as Sabian was trying, unsuccessfully, to do. I was afraid for its future, as I assumed that one of the many dogs that run the streets here in Wewa would make a nice snack of him before sunrise. Boy, was I wrong. A few days later I was out for a morning walk with a friend and a few streets over from my house was, surprise!, the black bunny. We discussed the odd nature of a seemingly domesticated rabbit roaming the streets like a stray, promptly dropped the subject, and moved on to other things. Fast forward to yesterday. Sabian and I were toting items from inside the house to the storage area around the back of the house and as I opened the back door, right in front of me, showing no fear, was this bunny nibbling on the grass. I gasped. Why? Not sure, but frankly I just thought it was cute. Maybe he reminds me of the rabbit (where are you now, Shakers?) I had when I was a kid or maybe I'm "nesting." Either way, I ran inside, grabbed the remaining lettuce in our refrigerator, and watched as he devoured it. I even got to touch him, but just for a second, I'm sure he's filthy, what with wandering the streets and all. But, here's the thing about this bunny...where does this happen? Where in the world do you see a bunny, a bunny, that is obviously someone's pet, roaming around a town just like a stray cat or dog?

It seems our furry friend has a following. In fact, as soon as I mentioned him last night, several people piped up to offer their bunny sighting stories and claimed he's as "big as a dog." "He's huge!" they said, and would not hear otherwise when I argued he was of normal size. I'm just going to take it that I've been the only lucky one to get close enough to really know him. Either way, this is one of those things that, until I see it somewhere else, I'll add to my Only in Wewa list.

As for America's Next Top Model, Marjorie won the vote and is hanging on another week. Buck up, mon cherie, and find some confidence.

Yesterday I was thankful for cooler weather for a cooler morning walk.

Today I am thankful for finally getting through to my husband, who left the room to spare me the wrath of his death cloud.

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