Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy to you me Eden!

On Thursday, November 6th, Eden Bell made her debut. While I am sad that I was not there to help welcome my newest niece into the world, I am happy to report that my brother, sister-in-law, and Eden are all doing fine. Can't wait to meet her and kiss her cheeks and touch that hair!

I am thankful for this family of three and am anxious to see you all.



Leah Beth said...

What a cutie!!!!! She is perfect.

Don't quite get your blog title though?


melissa said...

Just a Frenchy play on words, I guess. If you want to literally translate it, it would be, "The Blog of Chaney."

Leah Beth said...

No not your blog title... this entry title. :) I get the French thing.

melissa said...

Ha, oops. It's a family form of saying "Happy Birthday." I want to say someone used to mistakenly say that instead of Happy Birthday, but all I really know is that its just something we say. One of those "Bell" things!