Sunday, November 23, 2008

"A chicken's not a bird, it's a chicken."

I promised myself I wouldn't blog just to blog, that I'd rather have something to say than throw a post out there "just because." But, since I haven't had any bunny sightings lately and all of our shoes currently have their partners, I'll just recap what's been going on the last few days.

I did see something unusual the other day and it does involve an animal. We normally take care of our bigger grocery shopping trips "in town" (otherwise known as Panama City) but there is an IGA in Wewa that is available for last minute food runs. Earlier this week I went on a last minute food run for some potatoes to try out a new recipe. Of course, I did see someone I know, as often happens when you go anywhere in Wewa. After catching up and then grabbing my couple of items, minus my Cocoa Krispies due to their $4.09 price tag (cheap or responsible?!), I made it out to my car, but not before I noticed the bird. It was sitting on a man's shoulder as he, too, walked out to his car. Could I grab my camera? Was it possible to be so unassuming that he wouldn't notice me snapping a picture? I decided against it, but I was pretty disappointed. I really wanted to show you.

On to more avian related news, "A chicken is not a bird; it's a chicken," was one of the many memorable quotes retrieved from some of our kids at youth convention this weekend. This is not my first fond memory from playing a friendly game of Catch Phrase and it certainly won't be the last. We spent a good, although chilly, weekend at the beach for the West Florida youth convention although Sabian did cause a Santa controversy. Who knew it would make such a mark? Oh, and just one real glitch - Sabian lost our leaders raffle tickets and they gave away, among other things, an iPod Touch.

I saw the boot earlier this week, it was in our neighbor's yard, but I'm not sure if it was the one that had been in our yard or of it was the partner, mourning his loss.

It is Thanksgiving week and although I'm sad about not being home for this holiday, I can still be thankful. I think today I am mostly thankful that for the friends and family who are having babies lately (and there are many of them!) they have all been healthy.

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Shari said...

Good Morning Melissa, my niece had her second little girl yesterday. Her name is (not sure of the spelling) Amya June. Can't wait to see her.