Saturday, November 1, 2008


This blog has been a work in progress - thought about many times, dismissed, considered again, and now, finally begun.

There's something about spending time on the beach and realizing it's November and that I'm on the beach. That realization came this afternoon, and that is how we celebrated the beginning of November.

Speaking of beginnings, there are many taking place in the Chaney household. One new beginning, and possibly the most obvious, our move to Wewahitchka, FL in May of this year. Another beginning, and soon to be even more obvious, the anticipation of the arrival of Baby Adelaide, who will take up permanent residence in our home in March. Now this beginning, this blog and the start of a new month. I've always been one to enjoy organization and order, and while I may not always be successful at either, somehow starting this blog on the first of a month seems appropriate, and somehow even more so given that I didn't plan it this way.

This being the month in which we will celebrate Thanksgiving, it seems right to begin (and end) with something I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my family. I am reminded often of how far away I am from them, which in turn reminds me of how much I love and appreciate them, which also reminds me of how thankful I am for a husband who is supportive and comforting when missing them is plain ol' tough.

Funny how when you think of one thing you're thankful for, it turns into a whole list.

You should try it.


Anonymous said...

i was at stephen's tonight and he played the video he made before you guys left, and it made me sad. just hearing sabe speak (cuz part of a sermon is on there) really made me miss you guys. BUT made me thankful for having you in my life and the opportunites that have come because you followed God's will for you life

Shari said...

Great. Now you can leave pictures on hear and I don't have to bug the girls to see the baby growing. And pics of you and sabe. I tried posting this morning and mess up. So hopefully this one is going to work.

Lee Ann said...

Love the layout--cute background! Did you google the backdrops? I didn't see many options when I created mine. I know you said you googled your myspace one, can you do that for blogspot, too? I guess I could just try it rather then asking...anyways, thought I'd say--love the blog.