Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Addie's birthday wrap up

Celebrating Addie's birthday gets more fun each year. For her first birthday we celebrated with north and south parties -  one with family in Illinois and another with friends in Wewa. Last year we spent the day, just the three of us.

This year I debated on having a party but I also had a loud voice in my head telling me how much fun she would have at this age with a party. I really knew she would love it so I started some planning. But first...

I wrote a little about what we did for Addie's birthday on her day. Here are some of the photos that go along with our trip to the beach and lunch out to celebrate.

Hope you birds are hungry!

Kite flying on a perfectly windy day.

Bird feeding pro.

Perfecting the throw.

Pigtails a flyin'.

Running, a favorite past time of this birthday girl.


Yep, that's her, flying it all by herself.

Time for a parting snack...
...before hitting up some pizza for lunch.

Just plain tired.

A few presents with mom and dad.

We had a fun, sweet day celebrating with Addie on her birthday, but her party was yet to come. Thanks to Pinterest, I had some ideas to help along my not-so-creative brain for her rainbow-themed party. I enjoy having people over and I had a lot of fun putting the party together, with Sabian's help. Although at this stage in the pregnancy game I was pretty tired afterward, we had a great time and Addie enjoyed having her friends over for some fun and a little cake, too.

I was pretty excited about one particular Pinterest experiement, rainbow Mason jar cakes. My goal was to make them as party favors to give each family to take home with them. The first few pictures document that little process, which, I am happy to say, was successful and fun.

Homemade bubbles + dispenser = sticky kiddos!

Proof that I am, in fact, pregnant. Oh, and cute little Emily, too!

Addie & sweet friend Ivory await the birthday wishes.
Rainbow cakes on the right, bags o' rainbows & pots of "gold" on the left.

The set up, pre guests.

I might be a little obsessed with yarn  pom poms. I have a few on Addie's cake, some on the table and more hanging from the window that are hidden in the picture above. Easy to make, once I get to making them I keep thinking of other ways to use them. 

So there's a little taste of Addie's celebrations. I am so thankful for her. I'm also thankful my Mason jar cakes worked!


Anonymous said...

I love the mason jar cakes....best part colors galore
..she will always remember the special time she had making them with her Mom and Dad.
Miss Jane

Nik said...

What a special birthday! You did such a great job with all the rainbow stuff. Addie is one blessed girl to have a momma like you. (and dad, of course!)So glad I could get a glimpse into her special day. :) Love you!