Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gender mystery

When I was pregnant with Addie it wasn't until a few weeks or so before we found out she was a she that I really started thinking along the lines that we could be having a girl. All along I, for some reason, just always felt we'd have boys. 

And then I got that gut feeling that we were having a girl. I remember watching the DVD of her ultrasound that evening and sitting at the computer I cried and felt so connected to her, my daughter, this little girl growing inside my body. Before I knew she was a girl I might have thought, "What would I do with a girl?" But at that moment I thought, "I can't wait to meet this little girl."

I'm so proud of who Addie is and her little (often BIG) personality is growing more and more each day.

Now, in less than twelve hours we'll find out if Addie will have a little brother or little sister. As excited as I am to know, to be honest, I am anxious to know that this baby is healthy. I have no real concerns, but just an overwhelming feeling of simply wanting to know that everything is moving along as it should in there. It will also be so good to see this little one moving around on the screen and to point out little feet and hands to Addie.

Even more, I so look forwarding to meeting this baby and introducing him or her to Addie. I'm sure in no time she'll be teaching her sibling to do things like this:

Stay tuned...

I am thankful for this fun anticipation and for a morning appointment so that we don't have to wait all day!

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