Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Internet wasteland

Our internet is not working. Has not been working since January. You know how when you're watching a DVD that skips and it just keeps stopping and starting, stopping and starting, and you are missing snippets of dialogue? It's one of the most frustrating things to me. 

This has been our internet for going on three months. Yes, we are on the phone with the cable company every week. Check that - Sabian is on the phone with them. One of the most patient people I know, but even this is getting on his nerves. Yes, they are reimbursing us each week this continues. Sure, $25 cable bills each month are great, but working internet is nice, too.

I've stolen away to Sabian's office at church for some internet/alone time. I've allotted myself an hour to check all of my frequented sites, trying to remember everyone I wanted to contact and everything I wanted to check. I'll inevitably forget something and someone and remember when I get home. But, while I am here, I'll quickly update you on Life.

Over the weekend we returned from a quick trip away to attend a friend's wedding. More than attend, the bride and groom asked Sabian to perform the ceremony, which he humbly accepted. Nicole is a friend of mine who has visited us twice since we've lived here. In fact, I believe she was our first non-family visitor. Nicole's family went to my home church in Illinois years ago, when I was really young. She has two older sisters I remember from that time, but Nicole and I connected when she moved to Belleville around the time Sabian and I got married. She needed an apartment, I was moving out of mine, and a friendship was born. I love Nicole. She is real, she is down to earth, she is sincere. I was so happy to be present as she walked down the aisle (looking bee-yoo-tiful) to meet her groom and start a wonderful life together. I am so excited for Nicole and Derek and was so glad they asked Sabian (who did a great, sweet job) to do their ceremony.

At the same time we were able to stay with our former pastor and his wife and had some really good time of catching up with them. They are such wonderful people and teachers and we've learned a lot from them. I am thankful for their influence on our lives.

The trip felt packed and fast, but it was good to have a change of scenery. I was really needing it. Addie was a great traveling buddy despite a cough she developed before we left (go figure).

Now we're in the midst of wrapping our minds around Addie's third birthday on Monday and planning a little party for her. And, in just two days, we'll find out whether she will welcome a brother or sister in July. Busy, exciting days ahead for us.

As far as pregnancy related news, all seems to be "normal" these days. I am feeling much better but still have some not so great feeling days, still pretty tired overall, but anxious to find out the gender of this little one. I've started feeling jabs and kicks, which is always such an awesome thing. It's what I missed most about not being pregnant when I had Addie, but was so glad she was here when we had her that of course, holding her was wonderful. Soon I will have to resign myself to shelling out a little money for some maternity clothes. I guess yoga pants won't cut it on a Sunday morning.

That's about what I have time for. One grainy iPod photo for you of Addie trying on my boots while "helping" me pack for last week's trip. Sweet girl.

I am thankful for our doctor's appointment on Thursday!

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