Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting for fall

Before all of you Florida people chuckle after reading the title of this post, yes, I realize fall temperatures are far off into the future. This being our fourth summer here, I have no illusions of cooler temperatures gracing our beautiful coast any time soon. But, I can dream!

I think, along with the cooler temperatures, I am looking forward to some of the things that come with the approach of fall. Even though Addie is not in school yet and we still have the luxury of flexible time, school starting means that life in general takes on a little bit more structure. I'm not one for a rigid schedule, but I don't mind that for a few months there are parts of life that are a little more planned. Those "plans" can sometimes get in the way of other plans or spontaneity, but for now I won't complain that stores and restaurants are less crowded during the day when school is in session. I realize one day, randomly this post may pop into my head as I am carting our kids off to school and wishing for more flexible days but for now, I will be happy about it.

I think, in particular, I am looking forward to this fall because there are a couple of things I am anxious to do when the weather is just a little less oppressive. One of those things I'm thinking about is a yard sale.

I'm a perpetual cleaner outer. I often weed out clothes I don't wear or no longer have much of a shelf life. I pick through household items we don't use any more, or toss the little trinkets of Addie's that build up from various outings, kids meals and other miscellaneous places. Often these things are either thrown away or dropped off for Goodwill, which I have no problem doing, but lately there are a few things hanging around that I really just want to sell. I'm anxious to get rid of them, but not anxious to plan a yard sale in 150% humidity. Plus, I think it would be fun to include other families who are in the same situation. More fun to sell together, anyway. So, I'm taking inventory over the next couple of months and hope to turn it into some cash at some point.

I'm also tossing around Christmas ideas. Sabian and I still throw out ideas of traditions we'd like to establish in our family around Thanksgiving and Christmas, even for birthdays. Now that Addie is getting older and is interactive and understands so much more, there's even more we can do and teach her. I'm looking forward to implementing some of our ideas and coming up with others to do with her this year. Sure, it's July, but we all know how fast these few months fly until Christmas!

Until then, I won't wish away these summer days. We'll still squeeze what we can out of them...I'm just looking forward to fall.

Addie and I made a last minute decision to run to the beach last week for an hour or so. To my surprise, it was a really pleasant day - sunny but breezy and bearable.

We also spent some time with friends in their pool and playing at their house. Addie was prepared, rain or shine.

Addie loves clomping around in these rain boots my friend Lee Ann gave her. If you check out her blog you'll also see where Addie got to spend a fun evening at her house with Ivory and Micah. Sabian and I made a mad dash for dinner, just the two of us, before heading to church to help with the finishing touches on the set for Vacation Bible School, which is at our church this week.

VBS -  that is what we're doing this week. Last night kicked off the week and we're in for night two tonight. This is Addie's first year of being old enough to actually go to class and from what I heard she really enjoyed it. Before and after VBS she spends most of the night running around, chasing or being chased by some of the other kids at church. All of the excitement of VBS and the running wears her out. And, lucky for me, they feed us every night so I'm dodging dinner duty this week!

Last week Sabian was consumed with a lot of this:

He made great progress on painting the house. It's not done yet, but he's working on it. I'll post pictures when it's all done.

I am thankful for not having to cook dinner this week (and the people who are making that possible)!

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Taylormarie said...

Im excited to see the outcome of the house :) and you go ahead and hope for fall, but you will miss not being able to see me on an everyday bases! haha