Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocky VI

Can't my poor girl catch a break?

I've written about her big bites before and now, here we are, dealing with another swollen eye no thanks to a mosquito. This is the third time Addie has been bit near her eye, causing it to swell. Wait, maybe even the fourth time. There's nothing we can do other than pray that the swelling goes down and that people don't give us dirty looks. We've taken her to the doctor when she's gotten these bites so close to her eye and as long as there's no infection we play the waiting game. I thought once it started swelling yesterday that it might be better this morning. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. She's doing fine, although because she's so tough she's received a few inquiries regarding employment as a bodyguard.

Mind you, this bite was received in all of about five minutes. Of course I douse her with bug spray when we're going to be outside. I try to get her face as well as I can. But, this bite took place as we were unloading groceries from the car one night. Addie took advantage of our preoccupation with the bags to hone her chalk drawing skills on the front porch. In the short amount of time it took us to get the food inside and then coax her inside, they attacked. Sigh.

But, she charges full speed ahead, as usual. No way a little bug bite's going to slow her down.

I am thankful there's no adverse effects to her eye, but will be so glad when mosquito season is OVER!

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