Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here, there & everywhere

The title of this post describes life lately, as well as the nature of this post.

This week has been all about me and Addie. I'll post about that later, but we've been having a good time. A few little outings and swim lessons have been keeping us busy.

Speaking of swimming lessons, we're halfway through our sessions. Addie has perfected her kicking and now when we're in the water she'll pretty much kick most of the time. She's even shown this when we've been swimming in other people's pools and not just at lessons. It's encouraging, because I know she's at least picking up something. Yesterday she even spent some time floating on her back (with my help), which made me happy that she was adding something new to her water repertoire. Unfortunately we are having to skip lessons tonight but if we can get them in the rest of the week then we'll be done with our sessions.

Here's the rest of our here, there and everywhere in some pictures from my iPod.

Addie LOVES looking for fireflies with her new magnifying glass.

Staying far from this critter while sporting her Pujols shirt. GO Cards!

Now Addie wants to take pictures.

Decorating by Addie.

Seeing lots of rain lately, but a little scattered all over the place.

Portrait de Pacifier by Addie.

Self-portrait sequence.

 I am thankful for the time Addie and I have been having together.  We have our not so pretty moments but we have some pretty fun ones, too!

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elise said...

fun fun! it would be hilarious to see EMory in swimming lessons... i doubt she would listen AT ALL!
haha. glad you are having some good moments :O)