Friday, July 15, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

My toothbrush has been lonely this week. Its companion has been away at camp. However, today they will be reunited.

Sabian has been at youth camp this week with a group of about 20 of our students from church. Today they will return with their mounds of dirty laundry and loads of stories and memories to share. Sabian always encourages our kids, if there is just one thing you do with the youth group all year, go to youth camp. It's a great a week of being together, learning and growing.

But, being that Addie and I stay behind (because taking a two year old to camp would be...hard) it is always nice to see them return home. Addie has been missing Sabian. She asks about him often and although she has been great this week, I know she really misses him. Since our campgrounds are just an hour away we drove up Wednesday night for the service. When Addie saw Sabian she took off in a full tilt run into his arms and didn't want to be too far from him all night. Unfortunately while we were there she also started to not feel so hot, but that didn't put a damper on her being with her daddy.

I've been saying it in previous posts, but we really have had a good week. Addie has done well, although when living with a two year old you are bound to have your moments. And, at the same time, while we've been having fun and enjoying time together this week, I'm ready for Sabian to join in and give this mom a break.

We've been swimming (other than lessons), been to a birthday party, out for lunch and yogurt with friends and took a trip to Panama City for a doctor's appointment (Addie's follow up to her last ear infection) and some errands and lunch. I figured if I kept our mornings busy, the afternoons and evenings would take care of themselves. Throw in swimming lessons, baking cookies and the normal routine of naps, baths, bedtimes, books, etc., and we've kept pretty busy. I was planning on getting up and at it this morning to get to the beach for a couple of hours and then decided last night that we were going to relax until Sabian comes home this afternoon. That meant sleeping in until 9:30 (Addie, too!) and enjoying a bit of a cloudy day so far.

A few photos from our outing with Lee Ann, Ivory and Micah, building our own yogurt sundaes.

The girls didn't quite know yet what their "treat" was...

Ice cream! The kiddos, Lee Ann, and brother-to-be!
Ivory digs her yogurt.

Sweet girls.

Making a mess, as the yogurt was melting about as fast as they could eat it, but having fun.

Always happy, always sweet Micah.
 I'm trying not to look at the clock too much. We do have some things to get done around the house this morning and we will have some food coming from a friend who is selling some to go plates - including twice baked potato casserole. Almost as good as cookie dough, that stuff is. Sweet of her to deliver, just hope it doesn't monsoon on her.

I am thankful for a good week, that my husband is coming home today and for friends that help to keep us busy while we're on our own. TGIF!

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Lee Ann said...

Love the pics! And love that your sweetie is now home.