Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebratin' Independence

While it's thundering outside and Addie is snoozing inside, I'll recap our holiday weekend.

Sabian's family made their way into the panhandle Friday evening after a looong trip on the road. We met up with them for some swimming at their hotel and a little catching up before it was time to get the kiddos to bed. We were able to spend the weekend with them, hanging out on the beach and in and around Port St. Joe. They made it to church with us on Sunday to hear Sabian preach that night and then after lunch on Monday, a last visit to the beach and a few more photos, they were on their way back to Missouri. We're really grateful that they made the effort to make the trek down here to spend a few days with us. It's no easy trip, especially when you have six kids in tow! Thanks to them for coming to see us!

We scrapped our plans to see fireworks on the beach when I realized it was later than I thought, so we opted to join our friends, the Bennetts, and their pastors for the Wewa 'works. It was probably a better decision, as Addie got to see her buddies Ivory and Micah and the trip home was considerably shorter and probably less congested. Not to mention, Pastor Mike had his truck bed filled with sand and toys, a nice surprise when Addie saw it.

So far we've spent the week catching up around the house and hanging out in the swimming pool. We had a swim date at a friend's yesterday morning and lessons last night. It is raining now, but we're hoping to get another round of lessons in tonight. It seems the trick to getting Addie used to water in her face and dunking her head under water lies with giving her the freedom to jump into the pool herself (with us on the catching end, of course). Go figure, little Miss Evel Knievel would want to do it that way.

Our camera battery died just as the fireworks were starting and I was too busy in the pool yesterday to take any swimming pictures, so instead here are a few photos from the weekend.

Now we're looking ahead to youth camp next week, which will leave Addie and I a week to do our own thing while Sabian looses sleep and his voice.

I am thankful for a good weekend and for being able to do some catching up this week.

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