Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's so nice to have a weekend to just take a break.

Friday, we did nothing. Saturday we started off the day doing more of the same. I was going to take some time to myself and head to the beach but given our rainy skies I stayed home and we spent the morning around home, then took afternoon naps and then got up to head out for dinner and to get Sabian's glasses fixed (a camp casualty). The lady didn't even charge us for the repair. I had been holding my breath, thinking that they wouldn't be able to be repaired at all and we'd be looking at a whole new pair of glasses. I was very thankful when we walked out of there, no charges incurred.

The leisurely pace to our weekend has been accompanied by gray, rainy skies. I referred to the rain in previous posts because it was the culprit in a few of our swimming lessons being canceled. Our lessons were a little scattered since it seemed the rain decided to show up every day in the afternoons. Most of the time it would cloud over, rain and clear fairly quickly. Sometimes it would just cloud over and thunder. Yesterday, finally, it just all out rained all day. I've been ready for a real rain day. Every now and then it's just nice to have one and this one showed up on the right weekend, one when we didn't have much going on and we were able to justify some raindrops with sleeping in. Today it is raining again, and if it wasn't for a clearer forecast in the coming week, I might get a little tired of it. I just wish along with the rain came cooler temps! I just pretend, from my perch here at the computer, as I look out the window, that it is chilly outside. Too bad reality smacks me in the face in the form of a thick wall of hot air as soon as we step outside. 

We don't usually watch soccer in our house but...GO USA! So far...

Sunday is a full day for us, complete with an afternoon meeting. But, we'll be headed out with kids tonight after church to have a little fun before Monday greets us again. I am thankful for the weekend we have had.

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