Friday, August 21, 2009

Say "Pause!"

Tivo can be a wonderful thing. Most of the TV we watch now is recorded, and even if we are watching live, it is nice to be able to rewind and catch that word or joke we missed. It can be an annoyance, too, when your husband decides to pause a show every two seconds to talk about what just happened, instead of just letting it go and talking at the end. But, I digress...

Speaking of pausing, it is a necessity at times. For instance, when the doorbell rings, the oven timer goes off, or when babies decide they need some more attention. It is at these times when Sabian and I catch a glimpse of whatever show we are watching, mid pause, and chuckle because we've "caught" someone or something in a humorous state of pause.

Introducing the first installment of, Say "Pause!" I've decided to share these funny moments with you, my loyal readers, no matter how few and far between you may be. I appreciate that you read these ramblings and I figure the least I can offer is a little laugh, maybe a smile for your day.

The following "pauses" are from the last couple of weeks:

B.J. Novak from The Office on Conan O'Brien

Shaq, also on Conan O'Brien

Chris Wallace, on Special Report with Bret Baier

Glenn Beck, from his own show

I promise we don't try to pause on a funny moment; these are strictly spontaneous.

Feel free to offer your own thoughts about Tivo and other recording devices or, simply enjoy these fun moments.

I am thankful for Addie's lengthy nap today!

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