Friday, August 28, 2009

Double Rainbow, Double the Promise

Last night as we were eating dinner I commented on how strange it looked outside. We'd had a dreary day all day and when it came time for the sun to set, the sun was showing, along with the cloudy sky, making for an interesting palette. Sabian headed outside with Addie and, in a voice that lately has become familiar (remember the bear?), he summoned me outside.

Looking up, we saw this:

If you look right above the bright rainbow, you'll see another faint rainbow - a double rainbow! This is the second rainbow I've seen since we've lived here, but I wasn't able to capture the last one. I was at the IGA and saw it, drove home really quickly to get the camera and figured since everything is so close in Wewa, I would have time to get back to take a picture. Well, it didn't work that time, but it was cool to see this one and to share it with Addie.

I am thankful for God's promise!

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Lee Ann said...

Right after you texted me, Bro Mike called me to tell me. So funny. I ran out as soon as I got your text and stood in awe. Jason was putting Ivory to bed so I anxiously waited for him to join me. He saw it for a minute. I wanted to chase it!