Saturday, August 22, 2009

Addie Goes to Kindergarten

Last week Addie and I accompanied my friend Libby to Marianna where her sister, Miriam, is a kindergarten teacher. We were there to help Miriam set up her classroom and get it ready for open house and the new school year. To brag on Addie, she was great. We left at 8:30 that morning and didn't get home until after 6, and then went on to church that night. She was tired, but she did so well all day.

Thanks to Mrs. Wright (Libby's mom) for watching out for Addie when she got bored with her playmat, and to Miriam for having us that day. We had a lot of fun.

I know we are years away from Addie going to kindergarten, but I sure hope she has a teacher like Miriam someday. It did get me thinking just a little about her going off to school and I am happy that we have a while to wait for that to happen. I did get a glimpse into the world of a teacher and wow is there a lot of preparation involved.

Thank you to all of the teachers out there!

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