Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy Brain

When I was pregnant I ran across the term "pregnancy brain" often in the books and websites I was reading. It seems when you are pregnant you not only take on added weight and clumsiness, as well as a whole host of other "treats," but one is also prone to forgetting things. As if anything else needs to be added to the mix. What I didn't realize was that after pregnancy brain there seems to be another ailment that follows, one I can only think to call mommy brain. Maybe I am the only one suffering from it; if not, feel free to share your experiences and make me feel a little better.

Last week I forgot a lunch date, among other miscellaneous scatterbrained activities (including saying, "how cute those frogs are" while looking at a cartoon of monkeys) that were peppered throughout the week. Last night I discovered the latest product of this malady. I was fixing something to eat and noticed this on my refrigerator:

Earlier in the week as I was going through some magazines that had stacked up I ran across a call for an essay contest that I thought might be fun to enter, so I cut out the rules and posted them on the refrigerator so that I wouldn't forget. Apparently, as I was reading a different issue of the same magazine a few days later, the same blurb caught my eye and I cut it out, again, and posted it, again, right next to the first clipping, on the refrigerator. However, the second time I posted it I never noticed I had already done the same thing just a few days earlier.

Sheesh. At least I'm consistent, right?

The essay contest is about the moment you felt like a grown up. I wonder if this incident could be worked in somehow. On the other hand, it might get me signed up for a psychiatric evaluation.

I am thankful for the patience those around me exhibit, because who knows what else I've come up with and haven't had a refrigerator to show me what I've done.


Lee Ann said...

Can *definitely* relate. My post-baby forgetfulness quickly became an office joke. I got to the point where I didn't blame anyone for "not telling me", because they probably already had and I had promptly forgotten. I would write things on my planner, but forget to check it. Or be certain I had written it in my planner, but then discover it was definitely not there.

I grew to commit to nothing because I knew I'd only forget to do it.

And don't even ask me to find something...

Of course, I know right where to find extra pacifiers and diapers!!

Encouraging news: it gets better. Or at least it has for me. Something about her growth has helped me regain brain cell activity.

And I have grown to commit to more things. And I even remember now. Most of the time.

Jamie said...

i have to agree with lee does get better. i finally feel like the fog has lifted! what do women do that have baby after baby?

now if i could just stop growing gray hairs that began to crop up with pregnancy, i would be all set. need to try and win this for addie...