Monday, June 22, 2009

Houston, We Have a Thumb Sucker

It's true. After weeks of trying, Addie has latched on to her thumb. For weeks she would get it in her mouth only to gag herself or simply slobber all over her hand. Yesterday it seems it all came together for her. She can now get it in her mouth and curl the rest of her fingers into a fist and suck away. She will do this while laying on her wiggle worm toy, legs stuck straight out.

I really don't mind it. In fact, she will still take her pacifier and so far sucks her thumb just occasionally. Sabian was hoping she would solely stick to the pacifier, thinking that eventually we would at least have the option of taking it away. We'll just have to see, but for now, she looks pretty cute. I'm sure I will think otherwise when we're telling her to stop so we can get a decent wedding photo. Ha.

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