Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Many Faces of Addie

I don't have too much to say today, but I wanted to post some pictures of Addie in "her" chair. We have a chair in our living room that we purchased not long after we moved down here. We were out looking for a desk one day because the one we had was too big and wouldn't fit in the house (not even through the front door!), so it sat on our front porch for several weeks.

Side story - we had the desk on our porch and then not long after that our refrigerator went out so we had to put that out on the porch before it was hauled off, so essentially we could have added a couch and rented out our porch.

While we were shopping for a desk we came across this chair. It had been priced at somewhere around $1000 but the store was having a major sale and the only reason we bought it was because we got it at a ridiculously low price.

When we brought Addie home from the hospital we started taking pictures of her in the chair and it has stuck. I'm hoping we'll always have it so we can always take her picture in it. We had a little fun yesterday and got some cute shots, so we're sharing them with you!

Bear with me, I'm still learning Photoshop...

Today I am thankful for Dreft stain remover. We've had some real blowouts around here the last couple of days.

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Lee Ann said...

This is precious! Way to go with the photo collages!