Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I should call this post "Trip Report #1" because I've not yet written about our trip home and because I'd like to post more pictures once I get them together, thus probably requiring an additional "#2" post. The real reason is that tonight I played around in Photoshop for the first time in a while in my attempt to reduce the number of individual photos I post and the above photo collage is the result of my haphazard, quick study of how to accomplish that. So, really, I would like to hone the skill a little more and post some more photos.

We've been back in Florida from visiting home for a couple of weeks and I am just now feeling like we are pretty much settled. Sabian did a bang up job as far as cleaning up the house for our arrival, and my mom had wonderfully kept up with our laundry, so about all I had to do was get the mess from the trip put away and take care of a few more things around the house. But, combine that with the routine moping that comes in the days following a return from home and everything takes a bit longer.

This was a special trip home, as it was our first visit since Addie's arrival. She met grandmas, a great grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all sorts of new friends. It was extra special since I was able to spend my first Mother's Day with my mom (see photo above of Addie with the beautiful flowers she sent me, wink wink). Addie was a hit with our families and friends and is anxious to get back to get to know them all better.

Overall, the trip was pretty relaxing and as always it was good to spend time with mine and Sabian's families. Also, as always, it is difficult because I don't get to see everyone I would like to see. Addie and I were without Sabian while we were there, but when he came back into town we were able to have Addie dedicated at my home church. She wore a yellow smocked gown that my Aunt Shell sent to her not long after she was born.

My girl did so well on the whole trip, even sleeping most of the 12 hours on the way there and back. We have been blessed with a very good baby girl.

Today I am thankful for the generosity of others and for God's forgiveness.

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Lee Ann said...

So cute in her yellow, smocked dress! And great collage--impressive. Once your skills are honed, you can teach me! ;-)