Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy (Bonsai!) Father's Day!

What's the first thing you think of when you hear Bonsai? Chances are, at least if you're like me, you think of Mr. Miyagi. Wax on, wax off...

When we moved here a year ago we passed by a place on the side of the road that sold what we thought were Bonsai trees. Sabian stirred up the thought of getting a Bonsai and several months later we went back to get one but were there too late and they were closed. When it came time to celebrate his first Father's Day and I was contemplating gift ideas (er, I mean Addie was contemplating...), I immediately remembered the Bonsai place, but couldn't remember exactly where it was. I knew we saw them en route to Wewa, but now that we come a different way my memory was really fuzzy. At the same time, I didn't want to ask Sabian about it because I wanted it to be a surprise.

Since I knew we'd passed it somewhere along the way between here and Illinois (that narrows it down, right?!) I got directions via Mapquest and Friday we went on our way in search of trees. Sabian still didn't know where we were going but I assumed he would figure it out on the way there. He did, but it was still a surprise.

Speaking of surprises, we were under the assumption that Bonsai was a type of tree. Rather, it is an art form, not an actual tree. There were juniper, elm, pine, and other types of trees cut in the Bonsai manner. It is really the way you cut and care for the tree, which was a lesson for us. After walking through the rows of trees we came home with a small juniper and directions for how to care for it. Addie sure did a good job of choosing a gift for Sabian's first Father's Day.

The actual day was pretty relaxing. Since we'd done so much running around in the days before (family in the area - those posts to come), we came home, I made lunch (cornish game hens!), and we had some refreshingly cool dessert in an attempt to bring the temp down a notch (it has been sooo hot here). Our Sunday evening service was canceled so we were able to hang out at home and enjoy Addie, who is now laughing once in a while. Still all smiles, now we're just working on getting more laughs. Something tells me it won't be too hard...

I am thankful for Sabian, who continues to prove himself a devoted, loving father and husband.

Side note: This tree we bought is supposed to be kept outside and only brought in on "rare occasions" per the instructions. That was another thing I'd always assumed - that they were inside trees. We've been following the directions and were promptly rewarded with a disturbed pot this afternoon. Seems the squirrels are taking a liking to the new addition. Ugh, these Wewa critters.

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Rita said...

Think the trees are so cool and have also wanted to try my hand at them some day.
Good job Addie!