Monday, June 8, 2009

Ants in Your Pants

Since it is a slow news day, how about another post?

Surely, at some point over the years, you've heard the expression, "He/she has ants in his/her pants." Typically it refers to someone who is particularly antsy (oh, hey, is THAT where that word comes from?), fidgety, etc. You may not really think about the literal "translation" of this saying.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but this is the home of some fire ants that live in our yard. Actually, it is one of many ant hills in our yard. That's one thing about living here - ants. I quickly learned to wear shoes whenever I step outside or else I am sure to receive an ant bite right in between my toes or on my ankle or in some other hard-to-scratch area. It is depressing, the amount of ants we have in our yard. You may have seen the size of our yard in earlier posts - it is a good size, yet I hesitate to spend a lot of time out there and while in the Midwest I might throw out a blanket and lounge in the yard, I wouldn't dare do it here. Sigh.

The other night we got home late and as Sabian got out of the car he inadvertently stepped on a fire ant hill. There's one thing about fire ants - by the time you discover them, it is too late. He made it into the house only to realize what had happened and by then, well, you know the rest...ants in his pants. Trust me, you never want to fully realize the reality of this seemingly lighthearted saying.

That day I was thankful for Raid.

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