Thursday, July 2, 2009


While I never really thought I would live in Florida, since it was where we vacationed most of the time, there are some advantages to living down here, particularly in this area. One of these is that I'm guaranteed to see friends and family throughout the year. Wewa may not be their destination of choice (unless they are specifically coming to see us) but somewhere around us they are sure to find a patch of beach to call home for a few days.

My sister and her family spent a week in Grayton, a small, laid back beach community just over an hour from us. It is a neat place to stay and one of the few places I have seen where, with the right permit, you're able to drive on the beach. At one time it may have even been considered a "hippie" community. Either way, you'll find great places to eat and the white sands and blue green waters for which the area is known. If you do ever end up visiting, make sure you stop by The Red Bar on Friday or Saturday night for the best crab cakes you'll ever eat. Okay, commercial is over.

Addie and I spent a couple of days with the family - she really loves being around her cousins. It was a little hot to spend too much time on the beach - although for the short time we were out there one day Addie slept most of the time - but we had a really good time with them.

I am thankful for the time Addie and I had to spend with Les, Dan, and all the kids. It was good to see some of the SoWal group, too!


Jamie said...

is it me or is she incredibly long?!?!?! do you now what she measures right now?

Melissa said...

Hey Jamie! Yes, Addie does look very long, doesn't she? She was 20 inches at birth, and 23 inches at her 2 month appointment. We go back in about a week for her 4 month appointment so I will know for sure then. I haven't attempted to measure her myself. Her limbs are long, but poor girl doesn't have a chance with me as her momma! My sister-in-law, seeing her in photos from her first few days, affectionately dubbed her "grasshopper."