Monday, July 27, 2009

How Could I Forget?

Oops, almost forgot about Addie's doctor's visit this last week. Here she is, waiting to be poked and prodded:
Here she is, after aforementioned poking and prodding:

I have to say I am very thankful for our pediatrician and those who work in her office. We really like everyone and feel very well taken care of when we are there. Addie had four shots that day and did very well. Our long and lean girl is 26 inches long (97%) and 14.6 pounds. She is a little grasshopper!

Last week we also spent a day out with the girls, having lunch and "shopping" around downtown Panama City with our friends Lee Ann and Ivory. Seems we tuckered the girls out, as this was the scene when we got back to Wewa:

Two sweet, sweaty little heads, snoozing away. It was a good day.

Later that week Sabian, Addie, and I also hit the road and drove to Ft. Walton Beach to pick up the church bus, which had been repaired and needed to make it back to Wewa. Along the way we stopped in Destin and Addie rode for the first time sans car seat in her stroller:

Big girl! It is small moments like these that make me proud and sad at the same time. If I get sad about THIS, what is it going to be like when she goes out on her first date? Goes to college? Goes to kindergarten? Stays with a sitter? Geez.

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