Monday, July 6, 2009

I Want One of These....Really, Really Want One...

This is a Madsen Cycle. It is actually the kg271/bucket model in light blue. You can carry anything you want in the bucket, even kiddos. I can see myself pedaling around Wewa in one. Better yet, I could ride around the beach. I could ride on up to the IGA and pick up last minute groceries, using no gas, saving the air in Wewa, and doing my legs some good. I could ride on down to RD's and pick up dinner, again saving gas while simultaneously feeling the humidity making my hair grow.

Just envision how cute Addie would look (when she's able to hold her head up properly, of course) in the back, hanging out as we pedal around town.

You get the picture, now help me win one. Just click on the banner in the right hand column of my blog. Sending traffic to their site will give me the chance to win one on July 15. If I win one, I promise to give you a ride. Tell all your friends and have them stop by, read a post or two, and click on the banner. I will be forever grateful.

Today I am thankful for rain. I enjoyed the cloudy day, making the house feel a little cozy today as I went on about my domestic duties.

Don't forget - CLICK THE BANNER!


Leah Beth said...

I clicked on your bike banner. I hope you win!

Melissa said...

Thanks Leah Beth!