Friday, July 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I can't be sure when Wipeout first hit the air, but when I initially saw the previews for it I thought, "Oh brother, how ridiculous. Who wants to watch that?"

I sheepishly raise my hand and say,
" I watch that." Yes, I am now not only a viewer, but a Tivo-er, a promoter, and a wanna be Wipeout-er. We even hold on to the episodes in the event we have kids from church over and we all have a few laughs together.

I was searching online trying to uncover the secrets to applying for the show when I realized that a friend of mine and fellow blogger (thanks Jamie!) is a fellow fan. When I told her of my wish, she graciously sent me the casting information, which I was so excited to receive. A simple email is all they require as your "audition" so for the last week I've been composing, in my head, my irresistible message, the one that is sure to propel me into the world of Wipeout. I'd play up the first time mom of a 4 month old/youth pastor's wife/living in a small town called Wewahitchka angle. How could that combination NOT guarantee me a shot against the Sucker Punch, the Sweeper and, of course, the Big Balls? $50,000, here I come.

Oh, but wait. Yes, here comes the fine print, the catch, the caveat. As I got started today and reread the casting information, it seems you must be a California resident. Seriously? Please. These producers just don't understand that they are missing out on untapped talent located across the country and, more specifically, in Wewa.

I'm going to campaign that they open up the show to residents of other states. Sure, I realize they don't want to pay for transportation for contestants who don't live in California but quite frankly, I'm pretty sure they can afford it. But, I've decided if I can't be a contestant, I'll settle for Jill Wagner's job. What better job is there to stand by and provide commentary for people falling? This alludes to another one of my televised guilty pleasures, but I'll save that, if I ever admit it, for another time.

Today I'm thankful for the lighthearted laughter silly things like this show can bring us. It is funny how it can bring a group of people together. Whether our youth group likes it or is simply indulging us, it still calls for a good time.


Lee Ann said...

Lovin' the new blog look! Though I've actually never seen Wipeout, I have to laugh at your guilty confession. {smile}

Leah Beth said...

Of course, I am sure you could have guessed it, but we too are Wipeout fans. In fact, I'm sure Marc could tell you when it first aired because he has been a fan since the beginning. Let me know if you want me to sign your petition for allowing you to audition. I'm in your corner. Being a Wewa resident has to be your ticket to selection. :)

Melissa said...

I'm so excited to hear you guys are fans! Birds of a feather...I would LOVE to see Marc on that show. And hey, where is your blog?!