Friday, May 25, 2012


Due to our lack of internet this week, I'm a little behind. I've stolen away for some time at church, just me and the computer.

First, it has been four years since we packed up and made the move to Wewa. Four years. We've spent the bulk of our marriage here so far. We've had (and are having) our babies here. We've learned so much here. Many things have changed in these four years and some things have remained the same, but either way being here has been a learning and growing experience.

Second, Sabian and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary last weekend. We celebrated quietly and simply. Each year since I've had this blog I've posted about our, here and here. As long as there is any record of this blog, I hope that mine and Sabian's marriage is not a reflection of perfection (because it is not by any means!), but more of God's grace and mercy and love. We are SO human and we make mistakes and there are times we could be more thoughtful and sweeter and kinder. But that's where that grace and love and mercy enter in. I am so thankful for Sabian and for the love he shows me in so many ways.

He's a son, a brother, a brother-in-law, a son-in-law, a pastor, a daddy, a husband, a friend, and much more. He may not be perfect, but he performs each of these roles to the best of his ability and he knows the source from which he receives his strength.

And I get to spend my days with him! I am thankful for that. Happy six years, Sabian!

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