Saturday, June 2, 2012

A little Chaney business & 31 weeks

Phew. It's been a busy, but good week ending in a more relaxing weekend. 

Rewind to last weekend. After my last post we had a couple of days left in the weekend, one of which was spent at the beach. Well, a couple of hours anyway. Living this close to the beach, it is certainly a luxury to be able to steal away to the white sands for just a couple of hours or so.

It was nice to have an extended weekend with the Memorial Day holiday, so on Monday we took off to do a little shopping and strolling and eating, just the three of us. We also stopped off at the hospital to visit a woman we know from church. She and her husband are very special to us and are the kind of couple you want in your corner when you need good sounding boards for a variety of topcis, including marriage-related things. They're good...they're really good.

Tuesday was a routine visit for me to the doctor, this time including an ultrasound. We got a good look at baby sister. Well, everything except her face. Like Addie when we were hoping to see her sweet face in my belly, our yet-to-be-named sweet girl was hiding from us. Hands and feet blocked our view. Yes, I said feet. Once again, just like Addie, this girl is also heads up, butt down, hands and feet up by her face. In fact, at one point during the ultrasound she had one of her feet resting on top of her head. My acrobatic girls.

I hit 32 weeks yesterday but here's a 31 week photo from our beach jaunt last week:

Still tired, still feeling some back pain, but nothing out of the ordinary. Hard to believe it is June and next month we will finally get a look at this girl.

Her current position didn't come as a total surprise to us, although I went in thinking she might be head down. Maybe still not quite in the right position, but her movements have been different than Addie's so it made me think she might be turned differently. Either way, we were just happy to hear that she looked good and is measuring well. There's still time for her to turn, but I have to say, I'm comfortable with whatever happens this time around. Last time I really struggled with coming to terms with having to have a C-section, but in the end, everything went so smoothly that I really couldn't have asked for it to go better. This time,  we're open to a VBAC with the understanding that the circumstances pretty much have to be ideal for that to happen. If they're not, it will be back into the OR for us, hopefully with the same team we had last time. We just want a strong, healthy girl and a safe arrival.

Wednesday we were able to take a break from the trip between Wewa and Panama City (now made longer due to road construction on that never ending two lane road) but Thursday brought a fun trip to the beach, meeting up with friends Lee Ann and Jason and their kiddos and Betty Jo and Buddy and their boys. The occasion was a belated celebration for Micah's (first in line on the "dinosaur") second birthday. We spent the day chatting and playing and sunning - the kids did great and lasted much longer than we expected. The Chaneys have the tan lines to prove it! It was a good day spent with great friends.

This time with sweet baby Korban.

Our weekend has consisted more of domestic duties, some of which were done by my wonderful husband while Addie and I were out of the house for a couple of hours this morning. It was a pleasant surprise to come home to clean, crumb-free floors and empty trash cans. I sure do love him.

I am thankful for a good week, a good baby report and a relaxing weekend. 

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