Thursday, June 9, 2011


Back up with me, if you will, to May. You know, that crazy month of graduations, the end of school, the beginning of really nice weather, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more.

On the subject of anniversaries, while we do celebrate our wedding anniversary in May, I realized I forgot to mention one other important anniversary - that of our move to Wewa. This year made it three years since we took the plunge and came to this little corner of Florida's panhandle. Three years!

I'll be honest, this week has not been quite an I'm-loving-Wewa type of week, but I read what I wrote last year about our move to Wewa and realize it all stands true.

In some ways, things have changed. Some relationships have grown, some situations have matured. In other ways, some things have not changed, which, depending on what it is, is frustrating, but I suppose if I was looking beyond the surface level it reveals room for growth.

Either way, we continue to plug along and learn more about this little place and the people in it. I pray God continues to teach us more.

I am thankful for God's provisions and the mercy and grace He offers to me!

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