Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm ready to get out of town! I think because we've decided not to take a vacation this year (which wouldn't normally be until October, anyway) I'm feeling even more ready to get out of town. Go figure.

But, we do have a short trip coming up next week to anticipate. We're taking a group of kids, plus a few adults, to the Forward conference in Atlanta. Last year was my first year but it's an annual trip for our kids, even before we came to Wewa. It is a great conference, good speakers, music and fun. We have our afternoons free so we can do what we want and this year we'll have a pool at the hotel we can take advantage of. It's a busy weekend but at least we'll be out and about!

So far this week we've had some fun hanging out with Addie's friend Carson.

Pacifier king and queen, working on puzzles.

Carson has been so sweet and lots of fun. Addie has had a few issues here and there with my attention being divided, but I noticed today she'd get over it a little faster than she did yesterday. It's been good lesson learning for her, although it is a little tough seeing her upset. But, she got over it and I think she had fun having him around. We've just had him two days, so tomorrow starts the rest of the week for us to plan Father's Day festivities and to get a few other things done. 

Today I am thankful for my husband, who helped get Addie down for naps these two days while Carson visited. That was a huge help!

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