Thursday, June 2, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Are you really fond of me yet? Seems I keep saying how much I dislike leaving my blog dormant and then I leave it, well, dormant.

But, all for good reasons. Yes, we've been busy, but who isn't? Since I last posted we celebrated an anniversary, a sweet friend's first birthday, Wewa's graduation and then took a 12 hour ride to Illinois to celebrate some more. This time, it was my oldest nephew's high school graduation and a wedding that Sabian officiated.

Our time home flew by, as usual. It was good to be there, super busy, but we got to see our families and Addie showed her moves on the dance floor at the wedding. All night. Seriously, she was on the dance floor the entire time - except for a cupcake and water break!

A few photos from our adventures:

Horse & buggy ride with Ivory & Jason at Micah's birthday party.

Goose egg! Glad it's in her hand and not on her head :)

Playing with the bunnies & goats at Wewa's Tupelo Honey Festival.

I'm pretty sure these bunnies were doing their best to hide from all of the curious hands in this pen!

Sweet goats. Almost wanted to take one home. Almost.

Sandwiched by goats!

A member of our youth group, Jacob, praying at graduation.

What Addie did to occupy herself during part of the graduation ceremony.

Monkeys at the zoo!

Probably one of Addie's zoo favorites.

Up close and personal.

Counting monkeys.

A little cool and rainy but fun nonetheless!

So close we could've probably reached out and touched him.

Now counting zebras.

Ew. Creeped me out.

Getting a better view.

Enjoying an uncrowded zoo.

Despite the misty day, we had a lot of fun!

Giving The Look.

Feeding a mommy & baby otter.

High speed!

The cousins arrive for fun at the zoo.

Searching for more monkeys.

Sabian pulling double duty.


Waiting for the wedding to begin.

Father daughter dance.

"All of these people are dancing for ME?!"

Addie, Stephen & the Cha Cha Slide.

Chillin' with Dodah & Eden.

Stretching out our legs in Alabama on the way back to Wewa.
Hanging with Daddy on the long way back.

And here we are, back in Wewa, settling back into everyday life. We've been experiencing the not so fun parts of being two the last couple of weeks but all in all we're just working on getting back into routine. Here in the panhandle, routine means hot and the heat is coming out in full force. Makes me miss the cooler temps we had while we were home.

I am thankful for a safe, good trip! Hope we can make it again soon.

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