Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a few things

I know many of you reading this (yes, the many of you who read this, chuckle) are currently bracing for a major Midwestern winter storm. By the time some of you get to this, you may be buried under much snow and ice. But, if you are reading this, the good thing have power.

While Addie is still recovering from her runny nose and all the stuff that goes along with it, she's continued to keep busy.

Cleaning out my closet (she chose my wedding shoes to wear):

Some hide and seek:

 Some, well, I'm not quite sure:

Last Friday I spent the afternoon with my friend Libby. It was another much needed break spent eating good food, having great conversation and wandering around some shops. We stopped by a library and perused the books for sale and I found these:

A whopping 50 cents later and these two gems were mine. I'd never heard of the Moon Jumpers but it is a sweet story with cool illustrations. And, how can you pass up a book that smells like a library and has each page stamped with the library's ownership? 

It is funny that I found The Boxcar Children book, which happens to be book one in the series. The Boxcar Children have come up in conversation a couple of times between Sabian and I in the last month or so and we both reminisced about reading them as kids. I knew I'd be able to find the other books in the series because a while ago I'd hunted down the last book in a series of books I'd saved from when I was younger. "Hunted" as in, did a quick search and found it on

Last but not least, tonight we put Addie down for the night and then fired up the ol' Wii:

I'm thankful that we got through a very busy Sunday, that Addie seems to be feeling better and that most of you (in Illinois and Missouri) get to stay home and off the roads. Stay warm!

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