Friday, January 21, 2011

Madsen follow up

In my last post I forgot to answer a very important question - how did we get the Madsen home?

Thanks to my biking brother, he has the equipment and the know-how to tackle the mission of preparing a bike to make a 12 hour road trip on the back of a car. The night before Sabian hit the road, as I was trying to get Addie to sleep for the night (it took her forever that night), my brother and Sabian got the supplies needed and set out to pack up the bike.

Wrapped in insulation and plastic and then shrink wrapped, she was ready for the long drive.

You can't tell from the photos but the car was tightly packed. It was a good thing Addie and I decided to stay a few extra days because I'm not sure how we would have made it home otherwise!

As Sabian was making the long trek back to Wewa on his own I called periodically to check on him. I was always glad to hear that he was making it, but, of course, I had to check on the Madsen, too!

I am thankful for my brother and the care he took to prepare the bike, as well as Sabian, who drove it home.

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Shari said...

You mam are blessed. So cool. I was looking at that and I think I could go for one of those. I could ride it to get groceries and stuff.