Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011!

Nine days in to the new year and I can finally send a heartfelt "Happy New Year!" your way. Addie and I are back in Wewa and are slowly working our way through mounds of clothes and many miscellaneous items that need to find a place to call home. In the meantime, we've enjoyed a very relaxed first weekend back. I've refrained, for the most part, from doing too much cleaning and laundry and have just been spending time with Sabian and Addie. The clothes and cleaning will certainly wait for me this week.

In short, we really had a wonderful Christmas with our families. We were even treated to a white Christmas! Much like a storybook, it snowed on cue on Christmas Eve and continued to flurry a bit on Christmas. Everything was covered in white. Addie enjoyed the snow until her hands started to hurt from playing in it a little too long. 

There's plenty to share about our time home but those posts will have to wait. I just wanted to throw out a fresh post and hope to get to writing more this week.

I am thankful for a safe, uneventful trip back to Wewa and my husband, for the little surprises he had waiting for us, including a clean house.

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