Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drumroll, please...

There are three times in my life when I've been completely, never-saw-it-coming, rug-out-from-under-my-feet surprised.

The first was my 13th surprise birthday party thrown by my friend Colleen.

The second was my work wedding shower. I thought it was a going away party for my friend, Dorothy. Instead, it was a shower for me. I was floored.

The third was this Christmas.

Somehow, some way, I always have an inkling of what is to come. Even mine and Sabe's engagement wasn't a complete surprise. There were elements of it that were surprising but we had already talked timing so I knew it was coming.

Not so with this Christmas.

I didn't intend to build the anticipation like I have, I just wanted to make sure I could sit down and give it a post it deserves.

I said in a previous post that we had a good Christmas, and we really did. It felt more relaxing than some of our past visits around the holidays and we had a good time with both sides of our family. A lot of that was due to not having to split one day between our two families. 

We spend Christmas day at my sister's, hanging out, opening presents, eating, all the good Christmas stuff. This year was no different, but added to it was Addie being older and more interactive, which was a lot of fun. In our family we take turns opening presents. I really like this tradition and as our family has grown it has morphed more into age groups taking turns, rather than individuals, in an effort to speed along the process.

When all the presents were opened and we were wading through the wrapping paper and ribbons, my brother suddenly said that there was a gift waiting for me in my niece's room. My first thought was, "What? Why is there a present for me?" The siblings and our spouses hadn't exchanged presents this year so I thought it odd that there would be a gift for me.  Next I was thinking, "What could it be?" All of this was transpiring in my head as I stood up and made the short walk to Bryn's room.

So, I opened the door

And saw this

And I cried.

There it was, not just any Madsen, but MY Madsen! I was completely taken by surprise. I really didn't know what to say - I couldn't believe it. There are still moments when I think about it and I get a little choked up all over again.

It's not the bike itself - as awesome as it is (and it REALLY is!) what overwhelmed me the most was what the bike was a result of - my family and their love for me. My brother orchestrated it all and everyone pitched in. That they wanted to do that for me and did it is still pretty overwhelming. I feel totally undeserving and so glad to be a part of my family.

I love and appreciate them, I always have, and I recognize how special they are even more now that we live far from them, but not only do I love and appreciate them, I just think they are pretty great.

Still can't believe it.

I am thankful for my family, for the amazing gift they are to me and for the gift they thought to give me.

Wanna go for a ride?

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Jamie said...

holy cow! i got choked up...but i kind of suspected that is what it might be when you went to open the door. :) you deserve it. kudos to your family for recognizing that.